Aloeparilus succulentus

The dapophet is an unusual plant that stores water in its tissues. The leaves to the top of the plant have a gelatinous substance inside that has healing properties when applied to skin. The Na’vi use it to sooth skin that has been burned as well as to speed healing of cuts and other injuries. The leaves can be ground up and ingested to sooth upset stomachs and cure other intestinal ailments. (Read more)
The fleshy succulent leaves that grow along the stem are water-filled and very popular with the Na’vi as a portable hydration system. They will pull off the leaves and carry them along to suck on for water. When a leaf is pulled off, a new one grows in its place. The leaves must be harvested carefully, however, because the top leaves occasionally eject spines in the direction of the stem when too many water-filled leaves are removed.