Bansheba terrestre

The banshee of paradise is one of the most dangerous plants on Pandora because it can eject poison tipped spines in a targeted direction. It has the ability to sense infrared radiation (IR), which is emitted from warm objects such as animals and people, and to rotate its tubular body to point toward the source of the IR. Large spines contain toxins in glands on the tips, which can be deadly in large concentrations. When the source of IR comes close to the plant, the spines eject their poisonous tips in the direction of the threat. (Read more)
The Na'vi sometimes blow through the tubular plant body to make its signature wailing sound as a warning to intruders to stay away. Although deadly and toxic, the plant is also a food source for the Na'vi. The large seeds of the banshee are attached on the stem opposite to the direction the plant is pointing, making it easy for the Na'vi to harvest them.