Banshee, Forest

This smaller cousin to the mountain banshee is also a feared predator. But it lacks the size to accommodate and bond with a Na'vi rider.

Forest banshees usually hunt alone, but can migrate in large flocks spread out in a wide, loose pattern. (The reason for this behavior is not well-understood.) Like a Terran reef shark, the forest banshee may size up potential large prey, but seldom attack anything close to its size, preferring smaller forest animals. A banshee will make an exception, however, in the case of self-defense or when there is a large prey in distress. Then, also like sharks, banshees will congregate to feed, and if necessary will fight each other for their portion. (Read more)
The creature shares the same basic anatomical advantages as the mountain banshee: biologically produced carbon fiber bones, specialized flight muscles, and a stiff torso to support its wings.