Fan Lizard

At first glance, this unique lizard appears to be little more than a dull, ruler-length reptile with few apparent virtues. When agitated, however, it unfurls like an antique Chinese fan and spins away to safety. In an instant, it morphs from pitiful to beautiful and then, just as rapidly, is once again a rather common-looking lizard. (Read more)
Understandably, the fan lizard is a favorite among young Na'vi, who cherish this natural spectacle. At every opportunity, a Na'vi child will run through a field of ferns to disturb a group of resting fan lizards, and then marvel as the luminous magenta and purple discs float to the safety of a nearby branch. In the Pandoran twilight, this shimmering flight is strangely alien even to the Na'vi.

An ancient dance (usually performed by children) celebrates the lizard. Two dancers stand side by side to create a rigid "spine." Another group of children run by and taunt the pair, at which point the entwined dancers "unfurl" into a circular shape and "float" in a zig-zag pattern through the other dancers. This dance is usually accompanied by hufwe or "wind" instruments.