Pseudocenia rosea

The chalice plant is one of three large pitcher-shaped plants known to exist on Pandora and is the largest carnivorous plant known to man. Its single large leaf is modified into a giant pitcher-shaped tube that is supported by small prop roots at the base. The plant has only a small root system and obtains most of its nutrition from digesting small animals rather than from absorption from the soil. Animals are attracted to nectar and crawl into the tubular plant, where they are unable to exit due to stiff, downward pointing hairs inside. There they drown in water that collects in the pitcher, and digestive enzymes break down the animal’s tissues for absorption by the plant. (Read more)
The giant pitchers are large enough to trap a man. Na'vi children learn very early of the danger of chalice plants through songs that are accompanied by a humorous, almost slapstick dance.