Alectophyllum molle

The roosterhead is an excellent example of gigantism in plants caused by the unique environment on Pandora. In other environments with thinner air and stronger gravitational fields, herbaceous plants without wood such as the roosterhead would be limited to smaller sizes due to the absence of rigid structural support. The roosterhead’s giant coil of bright red and green leaves fanning out from the central stem are startling as they undulate in the breeze. (Read more)
Because of the covering of soft trichomes, or hairs, on the entire surface of the shoot, the roosterhead is used for nesting, hiding, and foraging for food by many species of small mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects. The folded leaves often house a variety of fauna, which use the plant for protection. The flowers that are enclosed by the leaves are pollinated by these animals, which eat the giant pollen grains but do not overeat in order to protect their home. Each folded leaf thus houses a small unique ecosystem inside.

The large soft leaves are also used by the Na’vi to make clothing and coverings.