Thylakoidia spiralis

The cheadle is a lovely herbaceous life form with rounded leaves, which resembles the lush vegetation found on tropical islands of Earth. The leaves grow in a tight spiral arrangement around the main stem and are covered in soft trichomes, or hairs, giving the plant a slightly fuzzy texture. The color of the cheadle is an electric blue due to the presence of chromatophores, which are pigment-containing cells usually found only in animals. (Read more)
With this unusual cell type, cheadle are capable of camouflage, a defense mechanism usually reserved for animals. These cells place the cheadle in the catergory of zooplantae, with features of both plant and animal. The cheadle can change color rapidly, much like the chameleon does by translocating pigment molecules among cells and by changing the orientation of reflective plates in the chromatophores.

The Na’vi collect the leaves for use in making clothing and other decorative purposes. The covering of soft trichomes gives leaves a rich fur-like texture, much like antique Ultrasuede, that feels delightful against the skin.