Pandorchidus insectoralis

The mantis orchid is strikingly similar to an Earth orchid. But on Pandora the plant grows to gigantic size, including the stunning orchid flower. Like orchids on Earth, the mantis orchid has a highly specialized pollination system and is pollinated by only one species of insect, a mantis-like insect. Co-evolution of the orchid with the Pandoran mantis has resulted in their nearly identical appearance and the perfect fit of the mouth parts of the mantis with the flower of the orchid. (Read more)
The mantis on Pandora is also large (thirty centimeters long) highly predatory and dangerous. It can change color in protective camouflage so that it is difficult to tell if you are looking at the mantis orchid or the mantis itself. In this form the insect can ambush and trap insects, reptiles, and small mammals to eat. It is not poisonous but large enough to inflect serious harm on Na'vi and humans, who try to avoid it.