Candea inflata

The dandetiger is a large stately tree that resembles a sparkler. It produces no branches and all leaves are clustered at the crown of the tree. The leaves are long, slender, tubular and their flexible structure allows them to sway in even a light breeze. The bark of the dandetiger is elaborate and armored to prevent insects and animals from penetrating it. (Read more)
The dandetiger accumulates atmospheric gases and combines them with essential oils to produce resin, a complex plant liquid with many uses. In the plant it serves as a defense against damage by insects and disease-causing organisms. The dandetiger transports resin to the leaves, where it accumulates in glandular hairs, or trichomes, at leaf tips. At night the leaf tips glow brightly indicating the presence of the resin.

As resin accumulates it is exuded from the leaf tips where it rains down on anything below. Solidified resin balls are collected and used by the Na'vi as a natural adhesive due to their mucilaginous texture. Samples of dandetiger resin have been taken to Earth for further study to evaluate its potential as a new plastic and/or a sustainable biofuel.