Saltcellar gracilis

The razor palm is one of the most useful plants on Pandora. Its fibrous leaves are woven into mats, baskets, banners, and bridles and saddles for direhorses. However, the tough leaves are extremely sharp along their long edges and can cut skin easily. Because the branches are long and leaves are narrow, razor palm trees have a very open canopy that blows around easily in the wind, making it dangerous to walk near the trees or harvest their leaves unless the air is very still. Even in still air, sharp spines on the bark must be avoided when collecting leaves. (Read more)
The leaves of the razor palm are used to make a special “singing cloth” by the Na’vi, which is woven with thin spaces at certain intervals to create specific musical sounds. The cloth is used to make banners for ceremonial purposes as well as to quiet fussy Na'vi children.