Gau 90 Thirty Millimeter Canon

The Gau 90 can be used as a conventional weapon against larger creatures and indigenous tribes. But it is most often used as an effective clear-cutter. The high explosives provided by this machine gun have proved useful in the rapid clearing of paths through the dense foliage of Pandora. This Gau 90 is also fitted with a H&F Arms Manufacturing Ltd FPCT (fixed point cutting tool). This modular attachment allows the AMP suit pilot to use the Gau 90 underside as a brush and wire clearing tool when operating in dense foliage or urban environments. The form factor of the underside cutting tool (looking like a large traditional “bayonet”) is a design choice borrowed from its sister module, the AMP-H&FAML-SK, which proved very popular with buyers and pilots associated with the AMP Suit weapons system.