Hell's Gate

A pentagonal perimeter fence encloses the large human complex on Pandora. Major weapons towers at each apex provide heavy munitions defense against surface and air intrusions by large hostile Pandoran wildlife, while four smaller towers spaced along each side handle intrusions by smaller life forms, including burrowing attacks. A cleared thirty-meter strip wide surrounds the base, regularly patrolled by automatic plant-clearing machinery that keeps the jungle at bay through regular administration of acidic mining by-products. (Read more)
Slightly more than a third of the site is taken up by the shuttle runway, VTOL pads and associated support facilities; a similar area is occupied by vehicle storage, the armor vault and light industrial plant mainly used for fabricating parts for mining equipment and ammunition for base defense. 

Hells Gate

Administrative structures, a barracks for SecOps staff, studio-style apartments for technicians and mine workers, and an airtight condominium for senior staff occupy the remainder of Hell's Gate.

Recreational facilities such as the base commissary (popularly known as Hell's Kitchen) are shared, except for an unpressurised section between the research labs and the landing zone mainly used by members of the avatar program for athletic training and field sports.