Avatar Compound

Originally intended to help acclimate new avatar controllers to Pandoran conditions, the avatar compound provides an intermediate stage between the Earth-like environment within most of the Hell’s Gate complex and the highly dangerous Pandoran jungle.

The compound includes palisade constructed of Pandoran native timber, erected inside the Hell’s Gate electrified razor wire safety fence. This is partly for visual purposes, to remind avatar operators that their duties will entail work in defensive positions in a jungle setting, and partly for safety: avatar recreational activities sometimes include team sports and there is a real danger that avatars might otherwise come in contact with the safety fence. (Read more)
A one hundred-foot tall guard tower was constructed to supplement the standard automated towers on the Hell’s Gate fence line. This tower has been built to resemble a larger version of a typical historical guard tower in a jungle military base during the South Asian Insurrection or one of the Asian wars of the 20th century. It can be occupied by avatars or humans, and provides spectacular views of the surrounding landscape, but it also contains a fully functioning robosentry unit with multiple MBS-22A automated sentry guns.

The most prominent building in the compound is the longhouse, a large structure modeled after the dwellings built in historic times by the Dayak people of Borneo. The open-plan building contains cots on which avatars can be parked for rest when not in use; a recreation area with game equipment, seating and a fully equipped gym; a meeting area; a kitchen and commissary, where instruction in the capture and preparation of food species in the Pandoran wild is given; sanitary facilities; scientific equipment; and an airlock and tunnel leading to the main Hell’s Gate laboratories. Nearly all furniture and equipment in the longhouse is scaled to suit the avatars’ average height of three meters. In addition, equipment such as video screens are specially modified to match the spectral responses of avatar eyes.

An oversized football field and basketball court have been built as well. Since the number of avatars available has not yet been sufficient for two football teams, and since field goals in low Pandoran gravity would risk kicking the ball into the jungle, no form of football has yet proved popular on Pandora.

The avatars are also provided with an oversized obstacle course, partially modeled on SecOps training courses, and an outdoor weight-training facility. Avatar physiology has been found to respond to weight training similarly to humans, and avatar operators are required to include such conditioning as part of their maintenance program (this even though their human bodies tend to degrade during their service in the Avatar Program). The obstacle course reproduces some of the conditions that may be encountered in the Pandoran wild and is used by both avatars and SecOps forces.