OPS Center

The RDA operations center, or “OPS Center,” occupies the largest building in the main Hell’s Gate administration complex. It is the nexus for communications and operational control on Pandora. Fortified tunnels connect the center to the communications array, with three large antennae and a space resonator for communications outside the local system, and five smaller antennae for accessing Pandoranet communications and geolocation satellites. At the heart of the ops center is the control room, where a continuously updated holotable display gives a summary of conditions over the entire Hell’s Gate facility and all RDA operations on Pandora, while supervisors monitor all mining, refining, transport and security conditions on workstations.

Ample reinforced windows give the control room a spectacular panoramic view from the plateau where the base is situated, out over the river used for cooling and to dispose of waste, to the distant hills beyond.

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In the interest of maintaining high levels of operating efficiency, efforts were made during the construction of the Hell’s Gate complex to maintain a congenial working environment for senior RDA staff.

Unfortunately, manpower depletion caused by Pandoran megafauna meant that some compromises had to be made. For example, the executive habitation unit, equipped with comfort features comparable to those found at RDA’s Lunar isotopic helium extraction facility, was deferred until the third resource transport arrived. “B” and “C” level executives were quartered with SecOps and construction staff, while special apartments were constructed in the ops center for “A” level staff.

These quarters remain to this day, although individual apartments have been enlarged by merging what were originally separate units. (A senior level annex has been constructed between the ops center and the executive habitation unit, popularly known as “the condo” and used only by “B” and “C” level executives.)

“A” level executives have generally taken their quartering in the ops center in stride; being close to the heart of the Hell’s Gate operation has come to be considered an asset, given the numerous challenges inherent to the frontier-like conditions on Pandora.