CARB Weapon System

The Cellular Ammunition Rifle Base (CARB) weapon system is an advanced, modular small arms system designed to fit the needs of modern infantry as well as private military units and security personnel. The system is built around the CARB base unit, which is a fully automatic assault rifle with a bullpup configuration. A variety of modular equipment can be attached quickly and easily to the base unit. (Read more)
Matanza Arms Corp. developed the system to streamline their infantry weapons array down to a single multifunctional system. Although never adopted as the primary weapon system by any the world's major armies, it became widely popular with private military contractors (PMCs) and various special forces throughout the world. Valued for its adaptability, simplicity, reliability, and innovative ammunition capacities, it quickly earned respect from these groups. The system has seen action on almost all continents and also on numerous off-world locations.