MBS-22A Automated Sentry Gun

The MBS-22A's primary function on Pandora has been as an automated perimeter defense sentry gun. Situated on towers around Hell's Gate, this weapon can defend against both air and ground attacks at up to 1,600 feet. It has proven remarkably effective against predatory creatures (both ground and air) that stray too close to the compound. (Read more)
This particular weapon uses a tri-rail system, which means that it incorporates three barrels that alternate use. This allows the previous barrel to cool and reset. It also gives the weapon a unique muzzle flash that displays in a sequential triangle pattern.

The MBS-22A is an auto-targeting weapon system, developed and manufactured initially by Massa-Cirre™, a Portuguese-French arms conglomerate. The weapon system technology was later licensed for manufacture by other armament companies under the name “Massa-Cirre Ltd.” Although it has various hardware manufacturers, it is still commonly referred to by its original name because the software implementation is retained by the parent company. The software, known as MBS (Modular Belt System), is widely used on many various weapons platforms, such as aircraft, armored personnel carriers, fixed defensive positions, etc.

It is reloaded using a robotic lift system.