MBS-9M 50-Caliber Hydra

The MBS-9's primary function on Pandora has been as a door gun on the Samson Tiltrotor and Scorpion Gunship. The gun allows the operator a manual firing configuration, with ammunition supplied by the overall Samson vehicle weapons platform through the use of Massa-Cirre's proprietary Modular Belt System ™ Technology (MBST). In this way the crew chief has an overview of all weapons systems aboard the aircraft and can assess situations accordingly in real-time.
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The MBS-9 is a manual single-operator support weapon version of the Massa-Cirre MBS automated weapon system. It is the smallest variant in the MBS system, and unlike its automated and remote-operated brothers, it is designed for adaptability and configurability for use by ground forces; it can be held like a light machine gun or mounted for gunners on vehicles and aircraft as needed. It is a modular weapon system, meaning it has various components that can be configured for different firing missions.