Log Drums

Drums are used as musical accompaniment during all social celebrations and most rituals. Na’vi drums are log drums, usually created out of fallen tree branches that have been hollowed out by larvae and by the natural decaying processes on Pandora. They are created from a short section of a hollow log. Both ends of the log are covered by the skin of a hexapede. (Read more)
The best of these log drums are said to be from a fallen branch of a unidelta tree. During its life, this tree usually serves as a host for a species of insect with glowing purple larvae that drill elaborate pathways throughout the wood of the living tree without affecting the tree’s ability to grow. Once the tree (or a branch) has fallen, the larvae move to another tree, leaving the fallen log riddled with channels. These channels give the tree an exceptionally resonant quality.

Any combination of sizes of drums may be used to accompany social dances. But the larger drums, those whose wood has been channeled by the burrowing of larvae, are only used for ritual functions, especially those rituals which form a part of the Uniltaron, or “Dream Hunt.” These large drums are played by four or five Na’vi men at a time, wielding heavy wooden beaters.