Pendulum Drum

These drums are exceptionally loud, due to the placement of the drums over holes in the trees. When the drum is struck, the volume is amplified by the hollow structure of the tree to which it is attached. (Read more)
The performer stands on a trapeze-like swing; the padded end of the sturdy branch on which he stands acts as the drumstick. He propels himself back and forth between two drums, hitting each as he swings from side to side. Just before the beater hits the drum head, the performer jumps up off the swinging beater, allowing it to rebound naturally. Numerous drums may be played simultaneously by drummers on trapezes of different lengths, creating a chaotic polyrhythm.

Because of the inaccuracy of this swinging/playing technique, a steady rhythm is almost impossible to attain, except by a very few skilled players. Therefore these drums are typically not used as accompaniment for dances. They will, however, be used to ornament songs and especially to add excitement to Uniltaron dancing.

Injuries have resulted from clan members who attempt to use the drums during dances at which a kava-like drink, a mild intoxicant, is consumed.