Battle Camp Paint Brush

The battle camp brush is used to adorn both hunter and mount with various symbols. Each hunter or warrior develops his or her own iconography, based upon the experiences they have had and their successes in the hunt or battle. Markings can be aspirational-- an ochre stripe on the right arm may mean that the hunter seeks a sturmbeest that day. In general, the ceremonial painting is a way of “psyching up” for the dangers that await, and also to create fear and confusion in the hunted. (Read more)
Some of the symbols are used to endow certain animals with special protection. An animal (such as a viperwolf or sturmbeest, for example) will occasionally show remarkable bravery or kindness, or has proven helpful to a member of the Omaticaya clan. The animal is then marked “protected” using the symbology of the clan and will not be harmed by other clans. This is usually done through branding, paints or decoration (unless the animal is so aggressive as to preclude such markings).